Friday, December 28, 2012

North Collinwood

Rupintojelis, Chrystus Frasobliwy, Christus im Elend, Pensive Christ is a folk representation of  a seated, beaten, scourged Jesus.
sculptors:Romas Mazoliauskas, Eduardas Kersnauskas
Larger war memorial group at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church-Lithuanian.
Euclid Beach Park 1895-1969
The bollocks, a few years ago someone drove into one of the towers, are new. When the amusement park ended, an old agers high rise went up. The park closed after many troubling racial conflicts.

Very few people remember Laughing Sam, but Laughing Sal is still on local tour. The Philadelphia Toboggan Company contracted several throughout the Depression years for amusement parks. We called that attraction, 'Ha Ha Baba'. She was a daymare to many children. A piercing, mad cackle from an hidden phonograph, while she would tower and wildly shake above small kids. The racing carousel went west to Sandusky. Many people mourned the closing of this park. 

The log cabin dance hall had a sign commemorating John Kennedy's visit while campaigning for President. The event was part of  the annual Democratic Party steer roast.  I was there and saw the sign, and my father told me, yes the assassinated President had been there. Years after people remembered, many telling their children that they saw John there. One hundred twenty five thousand were said to have come. Cleveland was still filled with working class Democrats. Nixon won Ohio anyway. The anti-Catholic propaganda was heavy. The Republican party had success instilling the story that Democrats were communists.  After Dealey Plaza a growing majority of people 'had voted' for John. Then Nixon won two more times, and a permanent anti-Kennedy campaign has succeeded. To-day, there are Catholics who are rabidly anti-Teddy. As i have said to many people, the event that has most changed American history, in my lifetime, was the bullet that ended Bobby Kennedy's life.
This movie theatre was active from 1927 to 1991 on E. 185th, Kildeer, and La Salle. The non-related La Salle was a junior Cadillac companion, above a Buick, from 1927 to 1940. The building has apartments, and store space. For a time antique cars occupied the theatre.  The Commodore picture show at E.152, Macaulay, and Lakeshore has began the process of becoming a grass lot in 2008. For a time, it was rented out to St. Jerome as a bingo hall.

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