Sunday, December 23, 2012

cat don't care

I have taken and lost a lot of photographs. For those that know camera stuff, this was taken with a Kodak Z950, as most of my fotos have been since about Thanksgiving 2009, before that a Canon A400. That will impress nobody. I used a simple programme to alter the license plate. No one needs to look up the registration.  Driving a Toyota is best done incognito. The foto was taken 21 December 2010.

This was not something i was planning to shoot. Serendipity got in the way. This was taken near St. Procop on the near west side, just south of the old Ohio City.  Now, Procop was Bohemian, and in western Europe 'Bohemian' could often refer to a non-respectable lifestyle. It could mean risqué, carefree, gypsy-like, certainly not bourgeois. We in the U.S., use other terms; and they are not used politely. Here, growing up, the term was often 'hillbilly', although, other unfavored groups were, and are, easily substituted.  Look at the car. It is not left for junk. The trunk keyhole has had the layer of grime disturbed. The plate sticker was good for six months more. The rear window is gone, and so is most of the plastic that replaced it.

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