Monday, December 24, 2012

lawn decoration christmas venue

 Charlie Brown and Christmas pig. Parma without flamingos.
Some days ago, a friend that i had not seen for over a year had a desperate need to ride out to Willoughby of Lake county to have some chili, and cheese sandwiches. Then he wanted to laugh at overly decorated lawns in Parma of Cuyahoga, south of Cleveland. He enjoys laughing, and he does so like Barney Rubble. He loves ridiculing absurdity to the extreme. We neared becoming Statler and Waldorf the Muppets. I remember, some years back, we were driving through Brooklyn, and he was frantic, "Look how much s*** they got spread on the lawn; they actually think [giggling guffaw] that looks good?". It would have took effort for a snowflake to find the ground.

Maybe, nine years ago, these brightly colored inflatable balloons took over lawns. They are powered by little fans, no electric and they are plastic throw rugs for the grass. They are relatively cheap, and on some streets they are like mylar dandelions, or canadian thistle. Well, he said he found the ugliest one possible, Santa exiting an outhouse. It was daytime, and only a brown plastic puddle was to be found.
These were up to-day in North Collinwood, in the area that was called Beachland. I remember these there from forty years ago, and they were not new then. It looks like the same family is there. The house is on a corner. The paint shows weathering, and fading. It still looks good.


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