Monday, December 31, 2012

foto miscellany 2012

I took a lot of fotos. Here are some taken this year. These are of people at churchy events, and causes. I have had a tendency to not take portraits, as people are people and deserve some privacy. I also am uncomfortable in pestering, cajoling, and the like; but i like these photographs.
These two fotos were taken in Cleveland's Polish Constitution Day Parade on the Sunday before 3 May. The form up begins in Washington Park,  Newburgh Heights. The parade begins on Cleveland's border at Fleet Avenue (yes, 'Street' sounds better). Former Old Brooklyn councilman Theodore Sliwa is in the car, the Magyar (Hungarian) flag is on the car. Las Vegas Elvis rides in the other car.
Very recently there has been a move to have the parade in Parma. At first they were on the same day, this year they were on successive Sundays. There are still rankled people over this.
Many news stories were filmed at St. Casimir's. Supra, is before the last street vigil prayer circle 8 July. Infra, is Homecoming Sunday a week later.
William and Nancy McGrath of St. Peter's Cleveland attend a pre-Homecoming service on 28 August. Nancy is a fifth generation member of the parish. Their grandchildren come to Mass there now. The statue of St. Paul once sold to a parish in Westerville is left of center.
Deacon Moises Cruz presents an homily at St. Michael the Archangel in Cleveland. 1 July.
Bishop John Kudrick of the Eparchy of Parma speaks at Holy Ghost (Tremont) Cleveland. 16 September.
Some members, and friends of the Community of St. Bridget came to hear Fr. Roy Bourgeois 17 October.

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