Monday, December 31, 2012

second foto miscellany 2012

Richard Lennon had the second Saint Andrew Svorad church leveled days before his public pronouncement of parish reductions in March 2009. Mid-January 2012, the lot near the corner of E. 51st and Superior became a parking lot for construction vehicles working on the road surface of Superior Avenue. St. Andrew's began as a Slovak parish and soon Benedictines arrived to start an abbey. They moved eastward for the new abbey, and did not prevent the destruction of either the parish or the old church. It was of a Spanish mission architecture, unique for Cleveland.
Beveled glass of the old baptistery (now bride's room) of St. Michael Cleveland gives an interesting view of the stained glass on the wall behind.
This is a rondel of St. Paul in St. Stephen Cleveland. The window is above a double lancet window, but the picture was taken outside the church, through an open window, flattening the angle of sight.
Belfry of Our Lady of Good Counsel Cleveland. I like angles and symmetry. Euclid above both Pollock and Breuer.
Fr. Simon Gregorčič *1844, 1906† was a national, romantic poet of Slovenija. He was not loved by the political clericalists, nor his bishop. He translated the book of Job as poetry, and his last song was on Jeremiah. His funeral was huge, many Slovenes and Italians attended. In a poem about the Soča river valley, he foresees the bloody carnage, that Hemingway was to write about (Kotarid, Caporetto) in Farewell to Arms. This painting is paired with a similar one of George Washington, in the Slovenian National Home (Newburgh, Cleveland).
F.X. Zettler tracery window angel. Immaculate Conception. Cleveland, O.

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