Sunday, April 30, 2017


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Robin VanLear is the artistic director of Community Arts at Cleveland Art Museum. To-day she had people marching in the Polish Constitution Parade. The final unit of the parade was five walking orange traffic barrels. I can bet Gus Chan has a foto in the daily paper's picture spread on line. Fleet is now finally completed, it was completely ripped up, and prior to that in bad, bad shape. Now, the City of Cleveland has declared it the first green street, and to-day to show it off for Polish Constitution Day [May 3rd] it had the return of the parade.
I have vegangelical relatives, one had a birthday party yesterday with vegan doughnuts, and vegan wieners. This is a good foto from to-day's parade of lady butchers, who have opened a new shoppe in a building that long held a butcher shop. Much of Fleet's business has left over the last few years.
Of Cleveland's several parades and festivals, there are groups that are fun units to see. This group of alpacas have joined the queue. Others include the Chinese Dragon troupe, andsometimes Cleveland Art Museum.
I could not get the words out, but i asked Robin VanLear what was the cultural antecedent of these masks. Time was short, and i did not get all the details; but bush cow masks from Bantu West Africa through a poet from Bahama?/Barbados?
I jokingly asked are these for May Day, International Labor Day? People did not know what i was talking about.

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