Monday, April 10, 2017

My twa greyhunds tour cultural gardens

Well, i am going to have a journal on 'my twa greyhunds'. I have taken fotos of them already. The title is from one of the many variants of Child Ballad 114. The greyhounds are an ancient and storied breed, known to Egypt and Greece in the centuries before Christ. Here they visit Dante Alighieri, the greatest of poet of the Middle Ages.
 Here, Captain America (left) and Cassius (right) inspect a time capsule.
The twa greyhunds visit Rupintojelis, the Lithuanian Pensive Christ. This folk sculpture can be found in Poland, and Germany. This is the antecedent of Rodin's 'Thinker'.
Gandhi is sculpted walking the Salt March, and as times before, someone has given him a scarf for the winter.
 The Ukrainian garden is in bloom, as April blossoms on a warm day after winter's end.

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