Saturday, April 22, 2017

Cleveland Marches for Science

just past 11am, Science Defiant begin their advance through Cleveland
Throughout the world people marched for the cause of reason and science. The catalyst of this presentation was the power and ignorance of Donald Trump, who by absurdity is the president of the most powerful country in the world. He is a charlatan that promotes greed, and particularly the greed of those that bankroll the Republican Party. The local daily, Cleveland Plain Dealer, had their editorial roundtable voice their opinions beforehand. Ted Diadun, who now gets extra space to fill the asinine gap made by the retirement of Kevin O'Brien, wrote that this is just an anti-Trump thing, so as to dismiss its relevancy. Even if, that was so, it would still be relevant, because pro-Trump demonstrations are noted; but it is just a smear. Some people (not just those who make a living from science related activities) care, respect, and value science. In German, the word is „Wissenschaft”, which literally is closer to “knowledge craft”. To degrade science is to be aggressively ignorant, or confidently stupid.
In Cleveland Ohio on Earth Day, the marchers took twenty minutes while packed curb to kerb in close quarters to all pass. I would not be surprised if that was more than 10,000 people and a score of dogs. Practically everyone was a marcher to-day, police were bored, crowds of spectators were absent. No lab coat drill team, sad.
many photographed this girl dressed as Muppet Beaker, and other cities had their Beakers too

There were so many enthusiastic people, with clever signs, enjoying humanity, and being actively optimistic for a positive redress. Many photographs, and very little time to pose or snap them.

and Seuss' Lorax was often quoted

  #ScienceMarchCLE #Ω

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