Tuesday, April 4, 2017


I read that April is Greyhound adoption month. This past Saturday was the 1ˢᵗ, a day the French pin paper fishes to people's backs; other people pull pranks too. I got a second hound from a greyhound half way house, Cassius.

Cassius was an historical figure, now known to many through Shakespeare. Cassius will not live under tyranny. Cassius is manipulative. Shakespeare has Caesar say, "Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look. He thinks too much. Such men are dangerous."
Antony replied, "He is a noble Roman and well given."
Caesar responded, "I do not know the man I should avoid so soon as that spare Cassius. He reads much; he is a great observer and he looks quite through the deeds of men..."
Sunday my nephew snapped the hounds on their first return trip from Lakewood Park, Captain [right] is cool in sharing the back seat, Cassius [left] is antsy and the car needs to travel before he settles down.

Greyhounds are an abused breed. Most of those in private hands are rescues. It is rare to see a greyhound pup in public. Many do not see their first year, others will never see their fifth. For a large breed, they are quite healthy. It is not unusual for a greyhound to live a natural life of past fourteen years. The racing line are a cost of doing business, and in America the lauded businessmen are lauded for cutting costs. There is another line as show dogs.

People who choose to adopt greyhounds have a great tendency to fall in love with the breed. It is almost like a 'cult', but a nice, safe one. I am thinking, whether, i should write a diary on Cassius.


  1. I was going to comment on the greyhounds on NewGathering, but they were gone. Just wanted to say, congratulations on the new dog; they are beautiful animals. Our family had greyhounds when I was growing up. The dog in front, with the white markings, looks a lot like my Dad's dog Bingo. Though a lot of our family pets didn't make it to old age on account of our land being next to a busy highway, Bingo lived to be 14. After he died, Dad never got another dog, because none of them would be as good as Bingo. Enjoy your new family member!

    1. 'ell-o Katherine,
      Thank you for your comment. Yes, i believe they have a presence, a certain charm. The highway was a death trap? or just a health hindrance. I believe dogs have souls, and can imprint their existence upon people. Many people, find the death of their doggie companion as deeply painful as that of a relative or friend.
      Ah, my essay was editorially deleted. I will write here, and elsewhere, to smaller readership.

  2. The highway was a fatal attraction. Though the house and barns were a quarter mile from it, the dogs would go down sometimes, maybe chasing rabbits or something. Unfortunately some of them were hit by cars. I hope that animals have souls, and that we will see them in the next life.