Monday, May 1, 2017

2017 Miscellany #2, science march+

Well, i photographed lotsy in April, and posted lotsy. I had a bunch of (at least what i think are) good pictures. The appeal for the appreciation of science rally and march was easy duty for the police.
This fellow here had been upset with the plans for Public Square. He was here, on that cold morning. I had pictures of him before, he is a fine subject.

I was not the only one who came to be part of it with a camera. I suspect this Bernie supporter had good fotos. 

Many people came with their own signs, some clever and entertaining. Unlike some protests/rallies, and such of opposing views, spelling, and grammar was done right. English majors could have been in comfortable company.
Upon some of the sidewalk there was stuff to see and read too.
On a hot Easter Monday, in front of the bandstand these two were very happy to dance to polka music.

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