Wednesday, April 19, 2017

'deep state'

The crazy is strong with this one. Now in my retirement, i try to pass so to see this billboard that faces a public library. It is Earth Day soon, and in some years past a sign went up against it. The sign was beyond loony, and with couple cans of spinach, it is still not too late. And then there is stupid, which causes more damage than evil does. Evil can be dealt with, understood, and bought off; and in America the dollar rules. The mouthfoamers who act as agents provocateurs to millions, when caught in court will say they are performers to excuse their evil political actions; but their obedient, stupid listeners will have done great harm. Recently, Steve Bannon (Trump's political brain?) has pushed 'deep state' conspiracy, which is a new one to the public. Here, in Cleveland, it is painted on a billboard, on a main thoroughfare. O, and then there is hypocrisy, this sign painter is not criticising Sarah Palin, Kellyanne Conway, or any of the bimbos on Faux News.

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