Wednesday, April 5, 2017

war glass

St. Adalbert Berea Ohio was rebuilt in 1937, and i would think their stained glass windows came a few years later during World War II (or shortly thereafter). It is a Polish parish [even though Bp. Lennon went on to de-polonise]. They have ten windows: four of the evangelists, four Polish saints, St. Anne, and St. Joan of Arc. The evangelists are often depicted in a Catholic church, and Polish churches often have polish saints featured, St. Anne is the grandmother of Jesus. There was a war going on, and St. Joan had led a victorious army to remove an occupying power; but her sanctity was not for this, she died for her faith after an arduous imprisonment, and trial. The trial proved her fidelity to the world outside the bishop, and judges acting for England.
Note the military insignia:
army aviation


field artillery
The United States conspicuously supported the war effort. Patriotism was equated with godliness. St. Adalbert's was not the only example in local glass. St. Malachi burned 23 December 1943. A new date stone was laid in 1945 for the new building.
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noto bene: United States entered WWI on 6 April 2017

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