Saturday, September 21, 2013

times change, but not really

To quote Tony Bennett, the singer, 
"I grew up during the Depression and I have stayed a Democrat my whole life. My dad died when I was very young and my mother had to raise three children. She was a seamstress. She worked for a penny a dress. I could not believe the way the Hoover administration left everybody so stranded. I have never gotten over that. I know times change, but not really. I am against super greed."
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Gingrey, Broun and Kingston are three bottom of the barrel crazy, mean, and greedy Republicans. Really, look up the things they have said. They are all in the House of Representatives from Georgia, and they all wish to be in the Senate. Has there been a decent white man from Georgia since Max Cleland? O yeah, he (Cleland) was a decorated, and crippled soldier of the federal army; and he only saluted the one flag. The other primary challengers (at the moment) are a Perdue, Wall Street financier and cousin of the recent governor of the same surname, and Karen Handel, formerly of Susan Komen, and Marilyn Quayle's employ. She has been Ga. Sec. of State (an office a Republican should NEVER go near, in most states they are in charge of voting, elections, the ballot), and ran unsuccessfully for governor.
Not the only examples but typical enough.

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