Saturday, September 14, 2013

peace pole

I have been finally working on a peace pole, i was delayed by quartermaster problems, and perhaps it is good that i was. My initial 'problem' was transportation. A friend promised his vehicle, and i eventually used my car. I wanted a 12' pole, i was then comfortable in putting a 10' pole in the car, and tying down the trunk hatch, the back seat has a fold down. Then my friend promised super duper paint, and that caused a couple of days wait. I got the primer from his house, and some hours later when i was putting it on, he brought the oil based topcoat. It is now on. The lettering remains, and a top ornament should be procured.

The peace pole is in the languages of the two superpowers, the people who built the first such poles, and that of those that came here. Now, the standard wording, "may peace prevail on earth" does not translate to the ear in Slavonic languages, and Romance languages as well as "let there be peace on earth" does. There is a song that begins, "Let there be peace on earth"

Also, the Nipponese love Schiller and Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" so much they sing it on New Year's Eve in German. German prisoners of war at Bandō POW camp gave the first performance of Beethoven's Choral Symphony in Japan in 1918. And, it is hard to believe that anyone with a soul does not love Ludwig, nicht wahr?  Now, in church music this simple, beautiful tune has been borrowed for "Joyful, joyful we adore thee", and "Alleluia! Sing to Jesus".  Furthermore, when we were in the streets in exile after the lennonist eviction, these were part of our repertoire.  Also, the Japanese script is easier, そこには、地球の平和とする. So, the wording on the pole will change, and there will be musical notation; more languages.

I was keen, very so, to be the painter. A manufactured pole lacks the proper 'wa'. I see this pole as a foto stop for people to take snapshots. While there are many peace poles about Cleveland, i do not know of one people come to see.

This is a simple project. Any congregation of any faith, any organisation public or private, can get some wood, and paint, and decide which languages to use. People could put them in their yards. Only those such as those Bob Dylan called "Masters of War" would object.

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