Wednesday, September 18, 2013

save the form, we will be using it again

[borrowed image]
Aaron Alexis, Navy Yard, Washington District of Columbia, 16 September 2013

    ☑ bought a shotgun (Remington 870)* less than 48 hours before in Virginia
    ☑ bought as an out of state resident
    ☑ probably acquired a Glock handgun while on rampage
    ☑ had concealed carry permit
    ☑ had security clearance
    ☑ had previous arrests for shooting
    ☑ site secured access, armed security on site
    ☑ NRA remains traditional post mortem silence and invisibility
    ☑ NRA still basking in the recall of two Colorado state legislators.
    ☑ reports on new uptick on sales of certain guns and ammunition not tabulated yet
    ☑ status quo seems safe

* widely and incorrectly reported the use of an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, which was found on site

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