Thursday, September 19, 2013

Peace pole complete

 four faces of pole (English, Japanese, Russian, Polish)
Well, the peace pole is finished. It is a little over ten feet long, and is sitting on a short ladder used as a saw horse and platform.

Most of these have script reading perpendicular to the script you are now reading. For a vertical pole, that is not surprising. It then reads like a book spine. This one reads vertically, with words separated by dots.

The standard English script is "may peace prevail on earth". This one reads "let there be peace on earth". It has the first four measures of the song of the same name, and two measures from "Ode to Joy".
How often have you seen a Christmas tree without a top ornament? The top ornament is the Earth seen from space. And, there is a dog paw print. You know, even when you look upon a little piddly thing you have done when it is finished, there is a sense of satisfaction. Now to see if it is wanted. 
postscriptum 20 September: I added two red crowned (Japanese) cranes, a dove, and a peace sign.
postscriptum 23 September: I added a nishikigoi (brocaded carp), kohaku coloring, and peace lilies.  I have to stop before i paint shamrocks and unicorns.


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