Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Berea Ohio

Paul Beargie is part of the crew taking down the human dancing coo-coo clock, 'Das Glockenspiel'. Over the weekend there was an 'Oktoberfest'.
Carl Jara's Sandy Riding Hood, one of the attractions at Cuyahoga Fairgrounds 'Oktoberfest'. This is a closeup, i got to see the whole scene unimpeded, no fence, no people passing by with plastic cups of draft beer. The wolf lurked on the other side. Jara sculpted, squirrel, and a bird in his Grimm Brothers forest of sand. I looked for chalk drawings, and them did not find.
'Gabby' a very friendly young Portuguese water dog and her companion went for a walk, by Coe Lake which once was a working sandstone quarry. The stone of Berea was used for quality grindstones, millstones, and construction of monumental buildings. The Depression ended these Berean quarries, and they filled with water. Now, this is the dog breed that Edward Kennedy had, and he introduced the animal to the present president. Now, the Obama family has two. I think Gabby's foto would be clearer in a close up on a sunny day, her coloring shades facial details. [click on the foto, as with others, it should increase in size]
 spiral staircase of toadstools
Supra, bottom left great blue heron, bottom center right ducks, top center osprey.
Ospreys are somewhat rare here. They are fish eagles, infra, in the act; some short stripes are water drops after the snatch. I took supra, the next shot my nephew had infra. I had been talking to a long time Berea resident, whom alerted me to the fact that the raptor that had just passed us was then sitting atop a dead tree. The camera has an optical zoom of 30x, i should have went for the digitally enhanced beyond it, and mistakenly chose not to. My nephew was then moving along the walk getting closer for a shot [i had handed it to him while i was speaking to our new acquaintance], and then the osprey saw his fishy prey.
        ...I think he'll be to Rome
        As is the osprey to the fish, who takes it
        By sovereignty of nature. ...
        — Aufidius speaking of Coriolanus in Shakespeare's Coriolanus IV. vii

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