Friday, September 27, 2013

sun over Lakewood

Well, i have gotten in the habit of going out for an hour or two to enjoy the outside, and i often go with camera. Sometimes i get many good fotos, sometimes only one. Sometimes the camera, or its battery, does not co-operate. I got off about thirty shots, when it shut off with the message "charge the battery". It was not completely depleted of charge. It opened up a few more times, and i got a total of forty-one. This was thirty-three, sundown from Edgewater Beach Cleveland, looking towards Lakewood. Now, this is being posted on Friday. I had camels on Wednesday, the day next i have a bear. I am not moving the bear. Now, i have learned from [click] Lakewood Daily Snap that to-day is "skywatch Friday". This is a serendipitous co-incidence.

I really went out to catch a second glimpse of Thibodeaux, the wayward pelican, i foto-ed before. Yesterday (Tuesday), he was seen on the breakwall by Wendy Park Cleveland. I could not find him to-day. He has been on Lake Erie all summer. I have never travelled far, never more than one could in a long day's drive. I might make the Atlantical coast, but i am not driving there just for a bird to see; although, if i tallied all the milage to and fro in attempting to see Thibodeaux, it might approach that number.

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