Thursday, February 21, 2013

photographs of abandoned places #11

Joseph & Feiss >> Hugo Boss. west side Cleveland O.
14 February 2013
They made clothes here until 1997. The factory (grass area) was demolished in 2003-4, this was the warehouse building. The older administration building is still on site. Condominiums and townhouses were to be made and built on the eight acres. In 2008 decorative wording was added urging people to "Read more books". The graffiti artist is sometimes called 'the Reader'. Someone has applied to have the warehouse on the national Register of Historic Places.
25  August 2012
The company began as Koch and Loeb, in Cleveland, in1845 as merchants. They began manufacturing in 1897. After several owners, in 1907 the company became Joseph and Feiss. They moved, to the west side, to this building in 1920. In 1934 1800 employees unionised. In 1966 the company merged with Phillips-Van Heusen.  Hugo Boss bought the company in 1989. The company was the oldest American garment manufacturer.
Lincoln's Birthday 2013
 a good application graffiti

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