Friday, February 22, 2013

for the love of drink

great saloon sign, Tremont Cleveland Ohio
elsewhere west side Cleveland
Guinness is an Irish stout. There are people who are extremely fond of this ale. Years ago, back at university, i met a fellow who was a wounded Viet Nam veteran. He had been in the tank corps, and was missing fingers on one hand that the burn scars gave witness. He took history courses. He was still shook up. He was proud of being ethnic Irish, and this was his brew of choice. He duplicated the beer at home, adding  minerals to duplicate the water used in Ireland. He collected Grolsch bottles from the saloons, (at the time) they were thick amber glass, with porcelain stoppers and a swinging metal brace attached.

Guinness has had truly good advertisements. Most of all advertising is horrid often through stupidity, or larceny; it is wretched and insulting. They want to separate you from your money and exchange it for schlock, trifles, rubbish and unnecessary crap, and even nothing at all. Drinks are manyn and their salesmen used to give advertising signs and trinkets out to promote the product. Somehow i see this beer gate not to have been a 'freebee', but an artistic devotion as promotion.

'Tis true the price is a bit dear, but it is almost a different category of liquid than the swill marketed as 'light'. That liquid is successful through selling an ersatz product to people that really do not like the real product, and it plays into the caloric counting fetish that has replaced food preparation.

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