Monday, February 4, 2013

flag rock

 27 September 2010
Amherst, Ohio quarried stone. This spot became Rte. 2, and Rte. 6, and I-90. Here on two cut faces were painted flags, for the bicentennial (4 July 1976) with a superscript, "We the People" was an American flag. On the left face is the Red Cross flag. After the attack on the United States by Osama bin Laden's hijack assassins the flag was repainted with a new title "United We Stand".  A few days later, a generation of tree growth was cut down. Then a new script of "Support Our Troops" appeared, and a new growth of trees came, and were cut again.
 19 November 2010
19 September 2011 

postscriptum: 9.11 am 5 February 2016.  In 21 hours Amherst politician Phil van Treuren (R) posted this as his picture on facebook, and it received in that short time -- 1377 'likes', and 511 'shares'.

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  1. Does anyone know who did the painting? I want to give credits to a pic.