Saturday, February 23, 2013

Faith Gym

 Superman emerges in front of an English telephone booth
A United Brethren Church in Barberton Ohio was built in 1892. In 1968, the national denomination merged with the Methodist Church and the church was renamed. After a merging of congregations with Barberton's St. Paul Methodist's congregation, the resultant congregation, St. Paul's Moore Memorial United Methodist Church eventually sold the former United Brethren property to a local man, Al Horvath, in 2005. Horvath was an internationally ranked bodybuilder, and local real estate businessman. In 2009, after much detailed re-modeling, he opened Faith Gym.  
with recut title stone
In front of the old entrance there is a new sign which refers people to:
I can do all things in him who strengtheneth me. — Philippians iv. 13.
Weight and exercise machines are rarely seen through sunlight filtered through stained glass.

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