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Churches in Tremont

The big dome is Annunciation, its ears are St. Vladimir (now a Spanish language Pentecostalist)
It is written in several places that Cleveland Ohio's Tremont section has the highest density of churches in America. There is a small street called Tremont, that has a school named Tremont. Other names for the area had been South Side, Lincoln Heights, University Heights. The neighborhood had 35,000 people in the 1920s; and now under 9,000. This is where the colorful home neighborhood of the film 'Deerhunter' was shot.
 10 April 2009. St. Michael. Tremont Cleveland. 
 perhaps the best stone ornament in the city
22 December 2010. SS. Peter and Paul. Tremont Cleveland.
In the antebellum XIXth century, there were Yankees, and then the Germans, and Irish. Before the century was over, and until the Great Depression many central Slavs (Poles, Ukrainians, Slovaks and the Lemko, and Carpatho- Rusins (Ruthenes), and Syrians. These people were Orthodox, Greco-Catholic (Byzantine) and Roman Catholic. Each brought their own faith, which necessitated their own church buildings. As some groups built new churches, other groups bought their old temples. There was a neat poster [click] printed with the churches of Cleveland. Some of the housing was removed for highway building, and it is on going. The current innerbelt bridge (I-71) kisses Annunciation. While driving upon it several of the churches are seen.

partial list, unofficial dates (completion date is not equivalent to cornerstone date):
  • St. Augustine Catholic, formerly Pilgrim Congregational. Building 1865, Congregation 1860. 
  • Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran [German]. 1880.
  • Zion United Church of Christ formerly United German Evangelical Protestant. Building 1884, Congregation 1867.
  • St. Michael Catholic [German]. Building 1891, Congregation 1883.
  • Scranton Road Baptist. 1892.
  • St. George Antiochian Orthodox [Syrian], formerly Lincoln Park Methodist [German]. Building 1892, burned 1933, redone 1935, Congregation 1928.
  • Pilgrim Congregational United Church of Christ. Building 1894, Congregation 1859.
  • Mega Church 1991, formerly South Presbyterian Church 1905.  
  • El Calavario Pentecostal 1994, formerly Cleveland Baptist Temple 1968, formerly Emmanuel Evangelical United Brethren [German]. Building 1908.
  • Holy Ghost Byzantine [Ruthene]. 1909.
  • SS. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic. Building 1910. Congregation 1902.
  • St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox (and Greco Catholic) [Ruthene]. Building 1911. Congregation 1896.
  • St. Andrew Kim Catholic [Korean], formerly Sacred Heart of Jesus Polish National Catholic. Building 1915. Congregation 1988, began 1978.
  • Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation. Building 1919. Congregation 1912.
  • St. John Cantius Catholic [Polish]. Building 1925, Congregation 1898.
  • Spanish Assembly of God 1952, formerly St. Vladimir Ukrainian Orthodox. Building 1933. Congregation 1904.
  • Our Lady of Mercy Catholic [Slovak] Building 1949, Congregation 1922.

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