Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vigil broken

The parishioners held the night, the police took the afternoon. A dozen spent part of the dark hours in the church. They stayed after the litany and the fellowship meal. A few left. When the diocesan contractors came to change the locks, they could not get in. By noon the press was aware. A police commander, Keith Sulzer, was the first policeman to show. He was there to enforce the landlord's (Richard Lennon) will. He would tell those who sat in the church, that, he was authorised, by the bishop, to break the doors down.Catholic supporters gathering outside Saint Emeric (Imre) to lend support to their brethren inside.
Reporters filming and recording phone call from John Juhasz as he speaks to friends outside.
An elderly, former parishioner wishing to see her old parish, that she has not been able to frequent, after owing to an act of street crime, and lack of Sunday bus service. She is standing beyond the line, that the public, at that moment, was allowed to traverse. The policeman said to other people, "I am not arresting her." During the morning and afternoon, the freedom of standing from spot to spot changed. Before the police came, there was no restriction; afterward, the line of demarcation changed at least four times.
Joseph Feckanin lecturing Jim (Chipmunk [Chippie]) Armstrong, Lennon's officer for diocesan dismemberment and dispersal. personal aside: if Chippie is not in a group, or at least one person in person conversation, he will bolt from a camera lens.
Hanna Gereby emerging from Saint Emeric, Cleveland, carrying the hungarian standard.
Remaining vigilers, their legal counselor (Santiago Feliciano), and police leaving the church.
An impromptu news conference occurred as, and after, the people left the church on promises soon to be ignored by the diocese.

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