Sunday, July 25, 2010

St. Wendelin makes 5

at St. Emeric after the first great cascade of rain subsided
group photograph of some of the Emeric exiles
part of the initial prayer circle at St. Wendelin
Huddled under a maple tree a group of umbrellas shielded the Emeric exiles through a sporadic downpour of summer rain. They prayed and sang as they and others have been since the lennonist evictions.

Friday, their representative, John Juhasz and his wife, Edith, had a meeting with their bishop, Richard Lennon. Lennon was in his non-public persona. He raged, and re-invented the past: now, financial situations and priest shortages were not the stated reasons for closure, and how his new pastoral iniative was wonderful, and the good catholics accepted it. St. Emeric's parish stalwarts would not concede, that, their suppression was good for them. They wanted, at the minimum, for their church to be opened as long as Rome continued to review their appeal. They also wanted some consideration for their beloved priest, Father Sandor Siklodi, whom had been treated with the highest disregard and discourtesy by Lennon. They also asked for the quixotic--a Mass of Reconciliation to be concelebrated by both priests.

It was a difficult hour. Lennon defines a good catholic as one obedient to him. Richie and his flunkies have made the comment that we do not have faith, and are not good catholics. He does not even concede or accept the obvious and neutral statement, that, we do not agree with him. By this, we can logically concur, that, only lennonists are catholics: BULLS***.

Lennon the mad tyrant has driven the faithful to the streets. We remain constant. So catholics are compelled to give public witness, that their faith is constant. It is with Jesus, and Lennon is no satisfactory substitute for Jesus. They go in front of their confiscated churches to continue their parish life, and continue, and even grow in their faith.

Saint Emeric (Magyar/Hungarian) is very close, in proximity, to Saint Wendelin (Slovak). They have helped to jump start the prayer vigil at Wendelin's.

The attachment one develops with one's parish is highly personal, and sometimes, idiosyncratic. Gayle Hudak married into the parish. She is firmly christian, but not a catholic, yet far more devoted than most. After attending the Emeric circle, she went the last two weeks, by herself, to pray before Wendelin's church, her parish. Last night, she invited others. To-day, began Wendelin's street witnessing exile after the eviction. One vehicle, the people therein, recognised what was transpiring, and gave an affirmative wave of greeting, and salute.

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