Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lennon's closures under review

It has been reported by at least two [now four] television stations (WEWS, WOIO), and a local paper, that Saint Patrick, West Park, and other closed churches are under review in Rome. It is believed twelve (12) parishes [or ten (10) as previously believed] have been extended.

It was known by mid-June that the extensions were made. The letters were slow to come, and they have come. It can be guessed that all twelve (ten) were extended. These are the ones:

??[Sacred Heart, Akron]??
* St Adalbert, Cleveland
* St Barbara, Cleveland
* St Casimir, Cleveland
* St Emeric, Cleveland
* St James, Lakewood
??[St Margaret of Hungary, Orange]??
* St Mary, Bedford
* St Mary, Akron
* St Patrick West Park, Cleveland
* St Peter, Cleveland
* St Wendelin, Cleveland

It can be speculated why Rome is granting continued time for appeal. Lennon is an embarrassment. How to correct his errors, without admitting them to be errors.

Another question, is whether MORE parishes could have also made appeals. There were other well financed, competently run and 'vibrant' parishes that were discouraged to appeal.
*Postscriptum: 11.30 p.m. 16 July. It seems the 2 bracketed parishes, might not belong on the list. They both have had their movable property listed on Lennon's trading website for months.
Postscriptum II: 1.30 p.m. 24 July. It can only be confirmed eight (8) parishes have had their appeal extended.
Postscriptum III: The bishop's spokesman, Bob Tayek, has said and written from 19 August that there are fourteen (14) parishes appealing. The press did not ask, "Who are they?".

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