Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Imre's Litany

Father Sandor Siklodi incensing the Sacrament. This may be his last service in the diocese. Lennon, who claims a serious priest shortage as a top reason for parish reductions, has no need for Fr. Siklodi to minister in the eight counties of the diocese. But Lennon's public words have never been his true rationale. Siklodi is not the only foreign born, non-incardinated priest forced out of the diocese.
People gathered at Saint Emeric's to mourn, protest, pray, remember, and to engage in fellowship. They shared their church with the greater community in a solemn and beautiful Benediction and Exposition of Jesus Christ in the Divine Sacrament. All this without police presence. Armed men are not needed to observe and supervise christians in christian activity. No representatives of the chancery were known to be in attendance, they were invited. Some television stations, incorrectly, reported that a last Mass was said in the afternoon. There is a difference between a litany and a Liturgy not grasped by the superficial media. They were correct, in that, Lennon was not there in person, nor in spirit.
West Side Market clock tower and hungarian colors
Beforehand the diocesan situation was addressed. The church bell tolled with the recitation of the 56 churches suppressed (forcefully closed) by Richard Lennon, Lord Bishop of Cleveland.
At 3.45 an airplane dragging a banner with the words,"Jesus is Lord-Viva Hungarians" made several circles over the crowd.

To-day the people of the parish held their parish. To-morrow is another day.

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  1. Your chronicling the parish closings will be so important for future Catholics. They must somehow learn of the hurt and horror that the faithful Catholics and our city of Cleveland went through. God bless our people and our city. St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.