Sunday, July 11, 2010

Four parishes meet in the street

A part of the prayer circle, still visibly feeling the shock of violation.
The new Sunday prayer vigils continue at SS. Emeric, Patrick and James. St. Emeric is still feeling the way for a comfortable format. They gather in a circle, and request members to lead a prayer, or song, english or hungarian. The members are still in shock about being cast into the street. Their pastor left for Miami this morning, no longer welcome in the diocese.

Patricio group photo with banner recognising the Divine Mercy of Jesus.
The Patricios have been following a liturgical office of their own fashioning. They include an exchange of peace, mostly handshakes, and some hugs. They also brought along another specie willing to share their community, a spaniel. People enjoyed touching and greeting the dog, and the dog was fine with it all. Many people find hounds compatible to the Faith.
Praying the chaplet, next to the Patrick door.
They have been praying at the top of the steps of the main entrance of their church on Rocky River Drive, Cleveland. The car traffic drowns them out from time to time, as do the jetline aeroplanes that come to Cleveland Hopkins Airport.

The Casimiri, the Patricios, and the Jacobites all have their gathering at 11.30 a.m. At Casimir's they gather in a flattened semi-circle, or half oval, around the speakers, whom have their backs to the fence, that has become like a spanish retablo (reredo), or an iconostasis (icon screen). To-day they were worried whether the stained glass rose window was removed, leaving the outside protective window not guarding its charge. The vigils are not identical, they do not need to be. They are organic developments of different parishes. As each parish is a separate juridic person, they have different personalities, and it shows; but since they are all brothers in Christ, they have similarities.

They have vibrancy and unity. This is neither appreciated, nor fathomed by Dickie Lennon, the man who, literally, 'kicked them to the curb'. He has admitted to people, that, he has no definition of 'vibrancy', and unity is submission to his will.

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