Wednesday, July 14, 2010

lennonist script

First it must be understood, that, Richard Lennon is the bishop of Cleveland. He is not the Catholic Church, nor the Catholic Faith. Arguments and criticisms with his programme are arguments and criticisms of him, and not of the faith. Now, there are other such tyrant bishops. As if he is as they, and vice versa, then such criticisms also apply to them. If we have an argument that goes beyond the see of Cleveland, it is that we have bad administrators whom betray and misuse us.

I have seen the lennonists substitute, in their arguments, our dissatisfaction with Lennon for dissatisfaction with the Faith. Then they lie our faith is not strong. Our Faith is strong. Our faith in them is not. They substitute our allegiance for them, for that of God. That is both dishonest, and ultimately blasphemous. You may remember, 'Bullshit' Bob Tayek (Lennon's mouthpiece) was quoted telling that lie in print. All these liars, or fools, speak the same words. It has to remind us of Shakespeare's line from Hamlet, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." Their arguments are parroted, dull-witted, party line crap. They are defending their income and other gleanings.

Another similar and continuous lie they use is: the church is not a building argument. Lennon is robbing the patrimony of the parishes he destroys. This church is not a building argument is misleading, and FALSE. And all the lennonists use it without allowing a rebuttal. We object to the killing of the parishes, and the robbing of the corpses. We built them. Canon law repeatedly uses the phrase, "the intention of the founders and donors as well as acquired rights must be respected."[Can. 121, 122, 123]. The bishop is to act as a trustee in our behalf, not as a carpetbagging pirate.

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