Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Lousiana slime

Considering Diaper Dave's political positions (a chief supporter of tea-baggers, defender of British Petroleum), he is vying with DeMint to be the most "conservative" senator, it is surprising that he is a Rhodes scholar from Oxford, England. Now he is entertaining the 'birthers' militant fantasies.

Once he withdrew from a 2002 gubernatorial election, when a local paper brought up his penchant for a prostitute. In 2004 he denied a similar story in winning the senatorial primary. He became the first elected Republican senator from Louisiana.

In 2007 it became known that he was a customer of the "DC Madam" and had curious predilections, hence "Diaper" Dave Vitter. She later hanged herself in a shed outside her mother's mobile home. He was her customer at the time he was in the House of Representatives, and was criticising the morals of Bill Clinton. There was very little pressure put on Vitter to resign. Later that year, a New Orleans madam also claimed Vitter as a customer.

He has been favored to retain his seat. At one time a rumoured Republican challenger was Stormy Daniels, stage name of a pornographic movie actress. Recently, he has just picked up a creditable Republican primary challenger, Chet Traylor, a former La. Supreme Court justice. The winner is expected to run against Charlie Melancon, currently a congressman. Louisiana politics has had a reputation of being interesting, so to speak. Melancon is quite boring in comparison. Diaper Dave is a huge hypocrite and a great embarrassment.

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