Saturday, June 24, 2017

slightly after the solstice

The summer solstice was on Wednesday. We made it to the Solstice Steps in Lakewood on Saturday. Wednesday, the teevee scared me off. They were showing a large crowd. I've been to Lakewood Park when there was no parking spaces. The teevee kept on repeating "food trucks", as if that was the important thing; well for the owners' commerce yes, but not for me. It was a beautiful and comfortable early evening to be there Saturday. By twenty-five minutes before sunset many people had already come to watch the sun fall behind Lake Erie.

The park was full. The children's playground was newly rebuilt, and people were there. And people were in the pool. And Shakespeare was on stage taming a shrew. Fortunately, the playing fields were empty. People were circling to find available parking spaces. The drive in, and the place itself had clouds opening and closing with apertures of open sky promising an attractive sunset.

I like fotos unposed, and people (and dogs) looking their own ways. This was on the steps.
There is the metal line of the summer solstice sunset. Now, the declination will be retreating for months. After the sunset, the gathered crowd (well some of them) were polite enough to applaud.
 O, and greyhounds...greyhounds are great...these are my greyhounds.

After sunset, with a camera flash, purple martins outside their apartments.

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