Wednesday, June 14, 2017

parade the circle 2017

Alice in Wonderland had several characters participating.
Saturday we went to Wade Oval to see the parade coming from Cleveland Art Museum. It was thick with people, and we came 90 minutes early. People put soft portable chairs armrest, to armrest above the curb. The hounds were with us, and the sun was hot. We needed the shade. I saw a good spot, and it was already filled, so we went close to the Art Museum under very good shade.
 my hounds
As so many times, i was upset with the kinetic behaviour of other people taking pictures. Even those in the first line of chairs, stood up and moved about, thereby, 'photo bombing'. Mostly it was people with cheap cameras, and telephones wandering back and forth ruining shots for me. One guy had an art museum badge, and he wandered on the street constantly mingling with his equipment (with microphone) amidst the marchers. I delayed posting this because of my dissatisfaction.

Other people brought their pups too.  I saw someone with a boa constrictor, somehow i think that was a mistake.
I was disappointed in not getting good shots. I wanted a clear shot of this guy above dressed as a mummy. He has sunglasses. This troupe was Egyptian themed. It was a slowly moving parade, i wonder how uncomfortable the people in costumes were. The Grim Reaper is carrying a water bottle.

Lady Justice stopped many times to pose, but i could not get a good angle, and a clear shot. She was one of a handful of people i wanted good fotos of. The girl on the stilts above was another one.

There were several small bands of musicians, but marching past very little could be heard. The origin of this annual parade has roots in the Caribbean. This explains the colorful shirts and short pants.

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