Tuesday, May 2, 2017

the Slovene historical moment

Slovenes, Jefferson, and the Social Contract of Governance
I knew of this plaque for a few years, and have been looking for it. It was supposed to be on either Mall B or C, and then years of construction, and to-day, i finally bumped into it as my nephew noticed some sands. It is next to the valet drop off of one of the new hotels which was built for the Republican invasion of Cleveland. There were two other markers there, if they were cigarette butt stands they could not have been more inconspicuous.

The Slovenes are a small nation, and this speaks to our historical moment. A friend of mine remarked to me, "You know, you Slovenes are more conservative than us Poles". No, not all of us; not the direct ancient line.

The history here was adapted: Carinthia is English for Karantanija, the ancient name for Slovenija; duke is English for knez; the social contract was you will rule over us for the year, and if you fail us, you die.

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