Monday, June 19, 2017

Duck tape in the June sun

 there was a tent with duck tape 'paintings'
On the day before Father's Day there is a duck tape parade in Avon Ohio. We have went the last four years, and each one was hot and sunny. The festival is three days. There is a fashion contest, and it is some 2½ hours after the parade. It is too long in the heat, and especially if one has hounds.
We see the Duck Tape contingent after the fire department and flag bearers advance. This year's theme was 'Circus'. People thought popcorn was appropriate:  there was a sculpture, a traveling one (float), and a human; and a business was giving microwave bags of corn to the audience.


Cleveland's daily reported the fellow with this top hat of flamingos came from Dearborn Michigan.
The biggest circus in the land folded following protests against elephant labor.
And we have a seal of approval.

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