Thursday, June 29, 2017

i had thought gwbjr was the worst...

Y'no, the history books were already written that georgebushjr was the worst, and dumbest president since at least before the war of 1861. Trump has forced new editions to be written.

The constant mendacity is a given, but he excels at degradation of the 1st Amendment. The bush/cheney régime attacked the press, and at times effectively controlled the press. Our present dictator wannabe has called the press "the enemy of the people". White House press conferences have not allowed video, photography, and tried banning audio, while official spokesmen have denigrated the press for doing their job.

What Trump proposes instead is his bursts of tweeting, which promotes his ego and attacks all who do not give him homage. President Obama will look like a giant in years to come, for he stood between these monstrosities. In addition, Trump has a great compulsion to cancel Obama. He would like to erase all evidence of Obama's existence. Stephen Colbert, last night, presented this fake tweet to show one of the differences between the twain.

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