Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Ashtabula County

The largest statue of Mary, Our  Lady of Guadalupe (the Mexican Madonna) is in Windsor Township Ashtabula County. The statue was completed in August 1995 on the Heinz Family farm, Servants of Mary Center for Peace. It has 400,000 one inch tiles. The sun has faded the color. [click website] (clickyoutube) The nimbus around Mary is looped and welded stainless steel. Jesus lived 33 years, and Mary here is 33 feet tall. She stands on an angel, this 'pedestal' is 17 feet high.

The statue sits behind a 15 decade rosary. The beads are globes with light bulbs. Until recently, the beads/globes were connected with links. Children had swung the chains and have broken some of the globes. There is a large pond with an island inside the rosary. This is enjoyed by a gaggle of geese. There are some other outside statues as well, as a nativity scene in the small chapel near the large Mary. There are two chapels, and a gift shop on campus. More garden work is being done in front of the gift shop.

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