Sunday, May 7, 2017

Parma Polish Parade 2017

Last Sunday there was the Polish Constitution Parade on Fleet Avenue Cleveland, and the temperature was in the middle 80s. Since then it has been mostly rain in the 40s. To-day the sun came out, but the chill lingered. Nearby the start of the parade someone displayed some humour. The marching route was Ridge Road from Parma Circle to Snow Road.
 Dogs know how to parade.
 Two of Parma's four high schools' bands marched, Normandy and Parma.

Parma has several churches. The only Polish one is St. Mary's Polish National Catholic. From Ghoulardi's late night teevee show in the middle 1960s, Parma has been portrayed as comically Polish. The only nod to the joke was a small unit of the public art project, Flamingo Power. One of the area's groups that come to many parades was the Ghostbusters' wagon. I forget who this lone imperial storm trooper marched with.

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