Sunday, May 21, 2017

off Fleet, by Lansing

On Broadway, between Miles and Harvard there is the Newburg post office. That is the neighborhood in Cleveland which is "Slavic Village". This neighborhood made 60 Minutes, and the national press as being the "epicenter" of defaulted mortgages. This led to many vacant properties. The houses are probably scheduled for demolition. There has been many new vacant lots in the area, really the entire city. The local neighborhood development organisation has had artists use empty houses as an art project "Rooms to Let" for the public to view during a weekend.  In addition, they have added elements to make it a festival.
 Edward Raffel. Rafter Dance.
LED lights randomly blinking in the attic are fun to watch dance. The pattern, very quickly changes. I wanted to watch this alone for a goodly time, but other people came, and the air did not circulate well.
 A street performer playing with fire
The Cleveland Art Museum brought out a van. The original painting is in the museum, Pablo Picasso's Harlequin with Violin, "Si tu veux" of 1918. Someone painted it on wood, and cut it into puzzle pieces to be put together again.
 David King, et alia. "45"
This room from the outside suggests an alternate Wicked Witch of the East, when Dorothy Gale finds shoes extending from under a house, and a tornado above. Well, the artists say it is a mushroom cloud coming from the 'tweets' (cakes in the shape of bluebirds) of a hollow and dangerous man.

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