Monday, May 8, 2017

geodesic dome

 These make a pattern pleasant to view, a dome here is independent of a building.
The world's largest open air geodesic dome is in Russell Township of Geauga County Ohio. It is 103' high, and 274' in diameter sitting on five pylons. Most of it is aluminum hexagons, after a bucky ball design. It was built in 1958-9 for American Society for Metals. Under it is an office building, and a mineral garden.

To-day was the first time since c.1992 when i delivered mail to it. The building has its own zip code, and it gets mail from all over the world. At the time their mail was one cloth sack per day. It was a beautiful, cool, sunny day. We were the only ones outside admiring the well landscaped, and maintained campus. It is quite lovely. 
Most of the polygons are hexagons, like that of a honeycomb made into a sphere. The center one at the apex is a pentagon. 

 There are two fountains, and this frog was in one.

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