Saturday, May 30, 2015

Lake County Courthouse

Lake County is celebrating their 175th year. To-day, they had an open house at the court house built in 1907.

 veteran marine honor guard
 Cain. Herman Matzen. 1913.
Abel. Herman Matzen. 1913.
The murder of Abel by his brother, Cain, is the first crime in the Bible. Matzen has a pair of sculptures at the Summit, Cuyahoga, and Lake County courthouses.

Friday, May 29, 2015

i had a dream

Sysack sign painting, Old Brooklyn Cleveland. 26 May 2015.

After the Brelo trial, found not guilty for double manslaughter shooting of two unarmed black civilians in an automobile, or anything. This sign is unlike the signs appearing here before.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

meadow birds

 Eastern Bluebird ♀
Sunday past i had a free hour, and had never been to Frohring Meadow, Bainbridge Geauga County . I expected to see some birds that i was familiar with, and had photographed before. Three birds in particular, i was hoping to see and picture: bluebird, bobolink, and meadowlark. I found a few of the first two, and other birds.
 Bobolink ♂
Song Sparrow

Monday, May 25, 2015

Balloon Chagrin

Behind Chagrin Falls Middle School Sunday night the balloon show was slow starting and kids kicked up dust on the infield.
Part of the observant crowd as the balloons get unpacked, inflated, and risen
The first balloon up was the Pink Flamingos
 a burst of gas

Eight balloons up, some were to be up at a different location. The balloons were not given permission to lift off and race. there was some talk of "restricted air space".

Saturday, May 23, 2015

to-day's trial

John O'Donnell is a clever judge. He picked the perfect time to announce his verdict. For one who does not work retail, or directly with customers, the time was the optimum in getting work done peacefully—Saturday morning on a holiday weekend. Even moreso in downtown Cleveland. I enjoyed working such days, one had access with few people around. This was always a great time to work: very few people around. In construction (and some other work), traffic is light, very light, there are fewer people in your way. You get more done, there is less supervision, there is less other trades about, there is less of your trade around. On a holiday weekend people leave early to get out of town, a three day weekend is stretched to four, and people free up time ahead, not at the end. School is not in session. So, the crowd is reduced, people have gone out of town. Early Saturday people are sleeping in, they find out late that anything happened, and the word spreads slower. Ten a.m., giving the press two hours notice, caught them off guard. The local television stations called people in for the big story.

John O'Donnell is a clever judge. He had his verdict written, and bid his time. If the policeman was to be 'found' guilty, the timing would not have been so important.

John O'Donnell is a clever judge. If the policeman was to be 'found' guilty, O'Donnell would have a difficult working life. The police would see to it. He would find the next election (if he was running) to be difficult. Recently, he ran for State Supreme Court; that would not be possible again, his re-election as a county judge would be difficult.

John O'Donnell is a clever judge. His preliminary statement was very good, and accurate, and in depth and breadth. So good in fact that its truth was unpleasant to the establishment, and the police are definitely part of the establishment.

John O'Donnell is a clever judge. He used the mannequins with the bullet trajectories as a teacher would to prove and demonstrate a lesson in fact. His rationale, point by point, was presented logically [although quoting Scalia, was tipping his hand]. He gave a good argument for his process of decision. It will not be overturned [if someone would attempt]. But it is a dangerous and wrong opinion and decision. Any policeman can kill anyone by saying "I felt in danger". No civilian is safe or legally protected from the actions of any policeman. O'Donnell recognised that bullets from Brelo's gun were among the lethal shots to both victims, but there were several other bullets that were lethal fired by others; so which two bullets caused the deaths? This gives police the impetus to shoot at someone that has already been fired at, the more police shooting—the less chance for guilt to be assigned. Also any false assumption (or myriad) the police act on is to be considered as being operatively true at the moment. This gives police added impetus to lie, for any such lie will be considered as good faith at the moment.

The defence attorney, Pat D’Angelo, post decision statement was inflammatory. His client won, and the gracelessness and venom he directed at the prosecution was extreme. He was trying to surpass the patrolmen's union president's gall in attacking anyone who did not pay tribute to police. The sister (Michelle) of the dead man, Timothy Russell, spoke very well, measured, and carefully in her interview.

Chris Tye of WKYC made an excellent observation. The immediate response of the protestors was peaceful, as were earlier protests. The purpose of the protests, including blocking traffic, is to disrupt the status quo BECAUSE that is the only way they will be noticed, because the status quo wishes to ignore them.

Cleveland did not protest violently (as of yet). In fact those protesting the protestors threaten to be violent.  Careful choreography and behind the scenes planning helped greatly. All of this cost the city much money and anguish. If the city, this one or another, wishes to save money and prevent anguish from these sorts of events—they must rein in the police.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

black swallowtail

At times, i am enamored with the images i capture (with a cheap camera). Perhaps, they are not such a much, but i get a wee bit of joy from them. At times, i have put up on these journals just the photosnap and a title. It would be pleasant to be able to generate income, but the avenues of that are capillaries. As a foto journal, this little internet endeavor would not do much more than this current construction.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cleveland Asian Festival 2015

This sixth such celebration in Cleveland. After the initial one day event, they have since been over two days. To-day, i think they needed more space. The parking lot with the food booths was packed with people, every time looked over that way. Again they had two stages, one primarily dance troupes of the different nations, and one primarily for martial arts. (click these 2011, 2012, 2014)

This booth people's first names were written in Chinese calligraphy. Easily one can see the graceful strokes the ink brush draws, and i wonder whether the practice of this writing (which is drawing) influences the brush strokes of painted pictures.
 One of the Jasmine Dragons performing aerial gymnastics on silk scarves.
Part of the first day entailed people in costume of current popular culture. This is an English call box that is the traveling Tardis of Doctor Who.
 Thrill of victory in inflated rubber sumo suits.
 Dragon at rest.
Greatly improved, and organised choreography in the Dragon Dance. This was really so much fun to see (and hear). The red and gold colors swirling kinetically about were a joy.
Vietnamese Ladies of Cleveland in beautiful dresses.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Monument to Courage

A writer, Charles Glass, had an idea for a sculpture to honor three 'whistleblowers'. They, by telling the world what government has done in spying on people and acts in war, lost their freedom because they informed people with the truth. An Italian professor of sculpture, Davide Dormino, cast life size bronzes of them standing on chairs.

This is public art,“Anything to Say?”. These three stood above the crowd and got a better view, and they spoke.  People are encouraged to stand on the empty chair, and so they did in East Berlin's Alexanderplatz on May Day 2015, and the day after. Then it went to a Berlin Museum, it will then go to Dresden, Switzerland, and Paris. East Germany was a secret police state under the Communists, all of Germany before was under an Hitlerite dictatorship, now Germany wants to show the public it believes in free speech. This art is to travel the world (will the US be part of that world?).

Edward Snowden gave up a comfortable life by telling the world what extent the U.S.'s National Security Agency employs electronic surveillance on its citizens. Julian Assange created the website Wikileaks, which published Bradley Manning's army secrets of Iraqui occupation. Manning was tortured, and is now under a thirty-five year sentence of imprisonment.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Base Ball 1864 Rules

To-day the Cleveland Blues [click] played a team from the Genesee, Spring Creek-LeRoy New York and Flower City (Rochester) at Lakewood Park. This is the game the Confederates learned from the Union. This year, the Cleveland Blues are wearing the away jersey of the 1903 Cleveland Naps. The original Blues played in the National League 1879-84.
 Runner caught between third and home.
In 1864 the rules allowed an out on the first bounce of the ball. Home plate was round, over running first base was susceptible to be tagged out.  Trees could be in the field of play. There was no hurling mound, you threw underhand standing next to another round plate. Grass was preferred everywhere, but would disappear under the feet of a right handed striker (batter). Base ball gloves would come in the future. In this game the home team won the coin toss, and batted first. They went on to win 18-4.
 'hand' dead on third
relay throw would not stop the tally

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pilgrimage for intercession

crossing from Lake County to Cuyahoga
Pilgrimages may be defined as journeys made to some place with the purpose of venerating it, or in order to ask there for supernatural aid, or to discharge some religious obligation. — Catholic Encyclopedia 1911
twenty-one miles along Euclid Avenue from mentor and then across East 82nd
HOLA is a Latino organization advocacy organisation that meets in Painesville, Lorain, Akron and Norwalk. Monday the Fourth of May, HOLA organised a pilgrimage of some twenty-one miles along US Route 20, Euclid Avenue (the extension of what had been Cleveland's Millionaires Row). When they reached East 82nd they turned north. Their destination was a Polish parish church, Saint Casimir's. (see: click) (and: click again)

Most of the marchers were Mexican immigrants (and their children). There was a private intention (supported communally), and a public intention to gain the attention of the public about immigration issues, and especially concerning the re-unification of families separated by bureaucratic, and capricious deportation, deportation orders, and similar threats.

Some one hundred people marched, and sometimes rode as support crew or tired peregrinos.  One of the banners has Our Lady of Guadalupe with Spanish, which in English translation is Patroness and Protectoress of Immigrants. She is the Mexican Madonna, Mary the Mother of God. The Polish Madonna is Our Lady of Częstochowa. She is the same person, but many nations have their special aspect, guise, and icon of her. 

The private intention was for the family of Elizabeth Perez, formerly Staff Sergeant US Marines. This was the groups second walk to Saint Casimir's. Last year they marched for the family of Ricardo Ramos, and it was successful. That family is united in Perry Ohio.

While speaking with a couple of the marchers, who were not Mexicans, it was a surprise to them why Mexicans would go to a Polish parish. Not fully a surprise. Many of the Mexicans were from west-central Mexico where the Cristeros were strong during the persecutions of the Mexican Revolution. Saint Casimir fought successfully by appealing to Rome to have their capricious overseer (bishop) overruled. Many of the most fervent of these Casimiri were born in their old country, and like the Mexicans were constitutionally and fundamentally culturally traditional Catholics. They understood the concept of pilgrimage, and had devotion to Mary. Others at St. Casimir realised that their families came to America as unwelcomed immigrants too, and the Catholic parish had been friendlier than the greater society. So there was spiritual, and institutional esprit de corps of the two groups.
Peregrinos in the pews of Saint Casimir
But how did the two groups find each other? Most of these Mexican pilgrims live in Lake County, Painesville and near by surrounds. It is who do you know? John Niedzialek's family has a long history with Saint Casimir. His letter was the first to arrive on the correct desk in Rome to save the parish. He had worked around Lake County government, and had come to know Veronica Dahlberg, director of HOLA Ohio. He recounted the recent history of Saint Casimir's. On the day of the parish's eviction, a Polish Mass was celebrated, and part of the service was a solemn outdoor procession and a dedication of the parish to Our Lady of Częstochowa. The next Sunday, the parish met in the street through the organising of Dr. Michael Klymiuk. He had a dream in which the Mother of God told him, "Do not leave me". One hundred and thirty nine consecutive Sundays they met outside the church, on the Sunday thereafter and since they have met inside.

After the Ramos' family asked Mary's intercession at Saint Casimir, they have every reason to believe she interceded for them. Then the family of Luis Nicasio Padilla asked for her intercession, and they have every reason to believe she interceded for them. The family of Pedro Hernandez Ramirez came, and they were also successful in their petition.

They made their pilgrimage march yesterday. They said prayers of petitions and thankfulness. They had a service of Benediction, and Exposition of the Host.
In addition: David Sutherland, a documentarian that has worked with Public Broadcasting came to record the day. A reporter from East Cleveland saw the marchers and asked them their story. (click) Elizabeth said to him she saw that City Hall had no flag, and he intervened. (click)
addendum: May 3rd is the feast day of Our Lady of Częstochowa, this event took place the day thereafter.
see the following about the pilgrimage caminata:
(click America's Voice) and (fotos on facebook)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Polish Constitution Parade 2015

The heaviest concentration of Poles in Cleveland was in Newburgh (now called 'Slavic Village'), especially around E. 71st, Broadway, Fleet, Lansing, and South High. May 3rd is a patriotic holiday, it marks the adoption of the short lived Constitution of 1791. For years Fleet Avenue had the parade. Fleet currently is under going construction, and is barely navigable. So the parade went on East 65th from Lansing to Saint Stanislaus. On top of that, there is a competing new parade on Ridge Road Parma, which has overtaken the old parade.

 Lączmy się w Polonia (Let us join with Polonia)

Friday, May 1, 2015

well, earth day y'no...

Old Brooklyn, Cleveland Ohio. When you are a sign painter, and own a billboard, and are coo-coo.
Did not think she was going to let it go by. Earth Day is April 22nd. Several times in the past she vented out her crazy on this [see: click].