Saturday, May 9, 2015

Base Ball 1864 Rules

To-day the Cleveland Blues [click] played a team from the Genesee, Spring Creek-LeRoy New York and Flower City (Rochester) at Lakewood Park. This is the game the Confederates learned from the Union. This year, the Cleveland Blues are wearing the away jersey of the 1903 Cleveland Naps. The original Blues played in the National League 1879-84.
 Runner caught between third and home.
In 1864 the rules allowed an out on the first bounce of the ball. Home plate was round, over running first base was susceptible to be tagged out.  Trees could be in the field of play. There was no hurling mound, you threw underhand standing next to another round plate. Grass was preferred everywhere, but would disappear under the feet of a right handed striker (batter). Base ball gloves would come in the future. In this game the home team won the coin toss, and batted first. They went on to win 18-4.
 'hand' dead on third
relay throw would not stop the tally

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