Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cleveland Asian Festival

For a few years now, fiberglass animals of the year's zodiac sign have been decorated and deposited about Chinatown. This year two dozen rabbits were made. Supra, a rank of seven hares. It was the second year for the festival. The several asian nations wish to be part of the public cultural display of nationality alongside the other nations that have come to Cleveland. Restaurants set up booths, and organisations tried to expand exposure, and merchants and businesses wanted to drum up business--the same as other street fests.
It is a good way to share the performance of traditional arts. A girl supra plays the family's guzheng, a plucked zither with bridges. Infra, a trio of drummers playing japanese drums (taiko). The drums are rearranged for each number. Part of the ensemble performance is near acrobatic choreography. In this group none are Japanese, the love of this art attracted gaijin. There were two other taiko companies that also performed during the fest.

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