Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cleveland Asian Sunday

The Dragon Dance was more like a Dragon March with wonderful troupe, and elegant dragon. Many people wanted fotos, and they and balloons got in the way of other people wanting to fotos. Guarders in light blue shirts further got in the way There is gotta be a better route for viewing. The dragoneers were from CSU Confucius Institute.
Shri Kalaa Mandir group doing Bharathanatyam flute dance
At first traditional dances from the old country, unfamiliar old countries in particular, is confusing because of the unfamiliarity and the lack of context; but giving it time to flow, and if it is done well, the appreciation of it grows. Often, the first viewing may not take hold, but when it does, it is enjoyable.
 Yume Daiko Stongsville
At one point five little kids sat on Payne Avenue in front of the stage watching and listening, and for a short time a sixth, but most of the time this one transfixed girl. This group was great (and their leader was out of town). They were energetic, enthusiastic, as were the other local taiko drummers i've seen; but they were having playful fun, while performing properly the music. They shared a little bit of the drums' histories. My kinsman passed his interest in this art to me. This is funny, since he is very little interest in music, and i do not care for most drumming (an orchestra only needs one percussionist). Not pictured, is their big drum. Everyone in the audience had to be sober, an hangover could not stand it. All in all, they were good.
 Sho-Jo-Ji Japanese dance troupe
And we both share an appreciation of many items of Japanese culture. The costumes, parasol, and fan dances were all pleasant; but the star was the most non-chalant performer. This child pegged the cuteness meter. While the others were dancing, she insisted on just standing, just being. I could hear her think, "you got me to wear the outfit, that's good enough, i will stand still if i like, and i will walk when i want, and at my own speed. OK? everybody".
face painting
Over-all 'make up' is a failure, a non-necessity. It does make money. But, a theater masque from paint has entertainment value.

It is the Year of the Horse. I came looking for the ponies. They are one of the Chinese zodiac signs. In the past few years, the painted fiberglass zodiac animals were installed about town on the day before the festival begins. That would have been Friday, but the horses shipped from Chicago were the wrong size. Delay. Installation expected June 5.

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