Saturday, April 20, 2013

paranoid, obnoxious idiots will remain so

I was waiting. Earlier this week, the previous sign was down. Drove by a second time, it was still blank. To-day, she (or they) had it up. Crazy people are often dependable, once the madness sets in, it stays. 

Many years ago, this particular billboard and its owner/artist made the local press. Recently, i read that the fellow used to call in to radio talk shows. It is a family business. I think his father had it before him. I recently found out, his sister was his partner. He died in late 2009 (notice the style of lettering of the 2009 sign, and the next two). Unlike most such nuts, their spelling is rather good.

Finally, in 1997 i drove by to see one of the signs. I forgot what it was. I was then unfamiliar with the west side of Cleveland. It is on a commercial street in a residential neighborhood. Over the years, i came to pass the area more, and made a point to see what the nut had up. At first, i thought he was just politically extreme, and often very provocative. Then, at one point, he became often vulgar towards obscene. He had long been racist. That word is inaccurate. There was nothing suggestive or mild, his dislike for African-Americans was virulent.

Well, in 2009 in protest of Earth Day, there was a sign portraying the Nazi indoctrination of America through the media (local and national), the politicians, and teachers as the agents of brain washing indoctrination. Huh??  The next year, Lenin and the communists were the founders of Earth Day. Apparently, he (and she) had no problem with gross self contradiction.

I either don't know, or don't remember, if there was a sign the last two years, or if there was a sign before 2009. I have read, that the surviving sibling has a record (photos?) of all the signs over the years. It would be good to be published. I found it, and still do, as legitimate public art. They are also crazy as all hell. The development and flow of the pathology, and how it compares to more than a generation of current politics would be instructive.

So, i wanted to see if a sign would appear this year. And it has. And she hit the trifecta — Hitler, Lenin (substitute any communist), and Obama; after all they are all the same entity and conspiracy. This is the mentality of the teabagger, and radio/cable television 'conservative' mouthfoamer.
Postscriptum: I wrote this, this evening. I previously wrote the related posts to appear on the 22nd, and the 26th. I also wrote this one (click).

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