Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cleveland Asian Festival 2015

This sixth such celebration in Cleveland. After the initial one day event, they have since been over two days. To-day, i think they needed more space. The parking lot with the food booths was packed with people, every time looked over that way. Again they had two stages, one primarily dance troupes of the different nations, and one primarily for martial arts. (click these 2011, 2012, 2014)

This booth people's first names were written in Chinese calligraphy. Easily one can see the graceful strokes the ink brush draws, and i wonder whether the practice of this writing (which is drawing) influences the brush strokes of painted pictures.
 One of the Jasmine Dragons performing aerial gymnastics on silk scarves.
Part of the first day entailed people in costume of current popular culture. This is an English call box that is the traveling Tardis of Doctor Who.
 Thrill of victory in inflated rubber sumo suits.
 Dragon at rest.
Greatly improved, and organised choreography in the Dragon Dance. This was really so much fun to see (and hear). The red and gold colors swirling kinetically about were a joy.
Vietnamese Ladies of Cleveland in beautiful dresses.

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