Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Yesterday was April 1st

Well, i always wondered when these signs go up. A few hours ago, the sign was mounted. I spoke to the woman, and she was friendly and pleasant. It takes three to four days to make a sign like this.

April has earth day in about three weeks. I am guessing this year may not have a sign here.
Woodrow Wilson was president from 4 March 1913 to 4 March 1921. On 2 October1919 he had a stroke that effected his entire left side. For several months he was in a wheelchair.

The United States was never in the League of Nations (Société des Nations). The League lasted 16 January 1920 to 20 April 1946. It had 42 members at founding, reached 58 and then declined. World War II destroyed its effectiveness. It was replaced by the United Nations which began with 51 members (including the United States), and has 193 currently. The non-members are Kosovo, Palestine, and Taiwan (all of which are not universally considered independent states), and Vatican City.

Senator Henry Cabot Lodge led the Republican Party in opposition to Wilson on partisan grounds, 1920 was a presidential election year. Republicans in the Senate opposed Wilson, because of enmity and partisanship. They opposed the Treaty of Versailles (between the Allies and Germany), which included the League covenant. They were against international co-operation, if the US did not have veto power. Any restriction on the US in international affairs was not acceptable. There were isolationists, who wanted a smaller military; and there were others who wanted an unfettered unilateral use of force. The 'Monroe Doctrine'(1823) was an enunciation of the US's willingness to go to war with anyone in (or over) the Western Hemisphere. League membership would suggest a renunciation of that policy.

Now, i think there might be a rule in Star Trek's United Federation of Planets, wherein member planets can only join if they have a planetary government.
notice the second dominoes from the left and right

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