Monday, April 21, 2014

wow man, i forgot to title this

 4/21 National Surprise Drug Test Day

Well Dude, 4/20 is national weed day. It is a fake holiday, so why not a spoof of the fake? I just found about this, what is this year five? Did it begin with one joker on the internets/facebook in 2010?

You know, more than half of the country approves of the legalization of marijuana. You do know, that, it had been legal. In certain states and locales it is legal again, and highly profitable. Recently, i read that in this country, what is desired by the top tenth percentile in wealth becomes policy. Not what the majority of people want (as in a theoretical democracy), but what a much smaller privileged group wants. Since so much of police and court business, and the prison industry is involved in enforcement and punishment over weed, those resources can be re-directed. The lives saved in Mexico would be worth it alone. The contraband businessmen there have little concern with human life.

Here in America, piss tests are demanded by employers, and prospective employers (the Fourth Amendment is not an issue for non-government agencies, so much for the principle of rights). We live in a country where (usually) Republican dope using Congressmen insist on drug testing for the poor. One must appreciate the hypocrisy.  This has many purposes: it degrades and insults people while finding very few 'culprits'; and, arguably, more importantly, money that could be used to help people is used in punishing them and awarding profitable contracts to testing companies. "America, what a country!"

But, to-day is Easter Monday (and Wet Monday), a day of fun and merrymaking the world over. It is a holiday in most of Europe, and the English speaking world, not in the United States.

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