Sunday, April 27, 2014

Guest Submission XIX: and now Pittsburgh...

 On Sunday, April 27, 2014 1:57 AM  

To all in Cleveland,

     I am sorry to report that we may have found a bishop even worse than Lennon. At this moment in the Diocese of Pittsburgh, in the small town of Monongahela in Washington County, about thirty parishioners are inside of St. Anthony’s church, cold and hungry. They began a peaceful vigil to protest the church’s closing after the final mass yesterday afternoon. The town police chief ordered his officers not to get involved. The Diocese of Pittsburgh however chose to have private security guards at the church, and to order those guards to block any food, water, or parishioners from entering the church. The plan seems to be to starve out those inside.

     A hearing was held last evening, and the judge stated that they were not willing to touch this case. So, that leaves these parishioners, imprisoned in their church by the hired thugs of the Diocese of Pittsburgh. If they leave, they can’t return. These last eight hours have been a true testament to the cruelty human beings can inflict upon one another. At one point, a parishioner (the nephew of the church’s former pastor,) attempted to open a window for fresh air. The church’s current pastor, Fr. William Terza, slammed the window shut, as television cameras rolled, narrowly missing the man’s fingers. At another point, coordination led to a pizza being hurled through another open window, with the pastor then slammed shut. Thirty people can hardly be fed by one pizza, but they want to make the point that they will last as long as they can, and that this is as unchristlike as possible.

     The parishioners range in age from the young to the very old. One couple, ages 84 and 86 are there, hungry and tired. The man’s brother’s dying request was that he look after the church and grounds. He’s honoring that wish, and suffering to do so. Others have never protested before, but can’t stand by while the church they have invested millions of dollars of improvements in over the course of the last decade is stolen from under them. I was hoping that after the Congregation for the Clergy issued its instruction to the bishops of the world, to stop selling churches needlessly, that things would change. They have in many parts of America, with bishops making compromise agreements that will see at least occasional services said in churches, in exchange for the parishioners agreeing to shoulder the financial responsibility of caring for them. That was offered to Bishop David Zubik of Pittsburgh; he just wants St. Anthony’s gone.

     I have never even seen anything this barbaric in my decade of helping the churches of Boston. Does Bishop David Zubik have a soul? Does this pastor, Fr. William Terza have a soul? Denying food to the elderly? Bishop Zubik’s father, Stanley, lives at the Pittsburgh diocesan seminary. Would he starve his father? Would he starve his mother were she still alive? The world needs to know about the horrors which are going on this very moment, in this little Western Pennsylvania town, by the order of the Pittsburgh Diocese. Let us pray the bishop’s chosen course of action doesn’t lead to anyone’s death.

     Laura Magone, the leader of the vigil has her IPhone with her. Texts, or calls, could be given to her, ([deleted phone#]sic.)  She does not have access to email. I would request that everyone pray for her and the others. I’ve been fairly unreachable these last few weeks working on this issue. I pray some good can come from this terrible situation.

Brody Hale
P.S., media coverage is pasted below.
P.P.S., any actions which anyone can take to spread the word about this, or to apply pressure on the Diocese of Pittsburgh to feed these people, would be greatly appreciated.

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