Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday Procession Cleveland

The Angelus bell rang at noon to start the procession from St. Michael's. The marchers would go to St. Patrick's, and then finish their pilgrimage at La Sagrada Familia.  On odd numbered years this is the path, on even numbered years it is reversed.
 before starting people assembled and conversed

Now, in a supposed Christian country, this should not need an explanation. The police blocked off traffic as little and as short as possible, yet a few drivers felt confusion and bother.

Jesus hung on the cross from about noon to three. These hours on this day are supposed to be devoid of work and play. Very little in these Christian cities in the United States stopped. Not every Christian, believes in this tradition. And such practices interferes with commerce, and are not well tolerated.

Later in the day, Saint Rocco's in Cleveland also processes. There is little of this sort of activity about the area. Such things were done more so in the past. Such activity is a communal presence made visible to the world.

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