Saturday, April 26, 2014

Gregor Mendel on glass

Personal taste is not definitive by itself. Friday night i went to a wonderful concert, Apollo's Fire, at St. Paul Episcopal (Anglican) Cleveland Heights. I go for baroque, and had the usual suspects, Vivaldi, Rameau, and Handel. Well, once St. Paul's was on Millionaire's Row (Euclid Avenue). They left for the Heights and merged with St. Martin's in 1928. The old magnificent church was sold to the Catholics, and became the Conversion of St. Paul (the humour).

Well, Hoover's Depression hit and the huge new Indiana limestone-English Gothic church was delayed in completion for years. The impressive (yet Spartan) parish hall was to hold services. St. Martin's Chapel (1941) bordered the nave (1951), which had clear [with a few stained medallions] glass until, on one side, a series of twelve clerestory windows by the English artist, Caroline Swash were installed (1967-86).

There are three, long, multi-figured lancet windows in the chapel opposite of the altar. I have no information on these, other than their subjects. The most surprising figure is Gregor Mendel, the Augustinian priest, and biologist; certainly we are not in a 'fundamentalist' church. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was executed in the last month of Nazism, is in the lancet next to Mendel. So by subject matter, and the newer windows, this window was after 1945, and before 1967. be continued with updated information?

Back to and demographics change, the church on Euclid is more impressive; but the new one is something too. It is also the largest Anglican congregation in the state.

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